Seriencamp 2024: the list of co-productions projects

Seriencamp 2024: the list of co-productions projects
Seriencamp Conference presents the Co-Production projects that will be pitched at Seriencamp Conference 2024 (Cologne, June 5-8, 2024).

Co-Production Projects 2024


Production Country: Italy
Production Company: Indigo Film
Pitching person: Giacomo Bendotti & Davide Serino

Logline: An old man sprints through the countryside, a bullet in his side, pursued by a vengeful husband. Meet Sauro, proud father of a chaotic worthy offspring: a struggling single mother, a firstborn plagued by impotence, and a favored son tarnished by allegations of rape. Welcome to the Castelli family!

Production Country: Germany
Production Company: 307 production GmbH
Production Company: Nordfilm GmbH
Pitching person: Friederike Güssefeld, Astrid Ströher, Wiebke Andresen and Dr. Simone Höller

Logline: When the ambitious manager of an electric car company comes to a moral crossroads, her subconscious takes control of her body. In the battle over climate and resources, she has to face outer and inner demons. A feminist mystery eco-thriller about the overexploitation of our planet and ourselves.

Production Country: Czech Republic
Production Company: KFS production
Pitching person: Lukas Sigmund Und Michal Kollár
Logline: When a rational homicide detective starts finding the same body over and over again, and discovers connections between the cases and her family, she must investigate the nature of her own reality.

Game Over My Ass
Production Country: Germany
Production Company: Network Movie Film- und Fernsehproduktion GmbH
Pitching person: Julia Alina Kessel, Helena Lucas, Andi Wecker and Laura Kirlum
Logline: 16-year-old rookie gamer Leila convinces washed-up “Age of Anarchy” star Phil to train her. Leila plans to join Phil’s old team, HIVE, and take the “AoA” throne. But the road to the summit is rockier than expected...

Imperial Vampire Committee
Production Country: Austria, Hungary
Production Company: Joyrider Kft.
Production Company: Satel Film
Pitching person: Emőke Krigler-Toth & Herwig Krawinkler
Logline: In 1750, a committee of four specialists – a doctor, a priest, an ethnologist, and a soldier - travels the Austro-Hungarian Empire to handle public health crises - by covering them with local superstitions.

Production Country: Netherlands
Production Company: Smarthouse
Pitching person: Danielle Guirguis & Suzan de Swaan
Logline: A series about the spectacular and turbulent history of Holland’s first multinational.

Growing good by doing good.

Production Country: Germany
Production Company: Studio Zentral
Production Company: Echo Lake Entertainment (US)
Pitching person: Lucas Schmidt & Dustin Loose
Logline: RAGE is an unsparing and dark thriller that does not shy away from looking into the human abyss. It's based on the trilogy of novels by Zygmunt Miłoszewski. Prosecutor Szacki is at the center of the three bestsellers. RAGE deals with the question: What makes Szacki kill a person?

Production Country: Germany
Production Company: Warner Bros International Television Production Germany
Pitching person: Stefan Gieren & Max Zähle
Logline: A German couple travels to Calcutta to adopt an Indian orphan, but when they discover that it still has parents they suddenly find themselves in the middle of an illegal child trafficking affair