Seriencamp returs to Cologne with an impressive lineup of conferences in June

Seriencamp returs to Cologne with an impressive lineup of conferences in June
The renowned TV event, Seriencamp, based in Germany, is set to make its return to Cologne this June, boasting an impressive lineup of industry heavyweights for its milestone tenth edition. Drawing attendees from across Europe, Seriencamp has firmly established itself as a cornerstone in the global TV events calendar. A sneak peek into the 2024 agenda reveals captivating sessions featuring prominent producers, distributors, broadcasters, and platforms, alongside dedicated discussions on artificial intelligence and the role of soundtracks in television.

Among the notable figures attending, director Oliver Hirschbiegel, Supervising Art Director Cornelia Ott, and producers Daniel Hetzer and Jakob Neuhäusser will convene to share insights into their contributions to the Apple TV+ sci-fi series, Constellation. Furthermore, the event will spotlight the significance of music in TV dramas, with esteemed music supervisor Catherine Grieves, known for her work on acclaimed projects like Killing Eve and Extraordinary.

In tune with industry trends, Seriencamp will delve into the practical applications of artificial intelligence through real-world case studies, while also addressing the ethical and legal implications of this burgeoning technology. Following its relocation from Munich to Cologne in 2023, Seriencamp will continue its tradition of showcasing German drama series in progress, featuring anticipated titles like Real Film’s Hameln for ZDFneo and Constantin’s Achtsam Morden adaptation for Netflix.

Additionally, broadcasters and streamers will offer glimpses into their upcoming projects during the "What’s Next" segment, while a "Meet The Distributors" session will provide valuable insights from key players such as ZDF Studios, Newen Studios, and StudioCanal.

Supported by entities like the Film und Medienstiftung NRW and the Staatskanzlei NRW, Seriencamp serves as a vital platform for fostering collaboration and innovation within the TV industry. Markus Schäfer, President and CEO of ZDF Studios, emphasized the importance of cooperation in navigating the evolving media landscape, highlighting Seriencamp’s role in facilitating networking and intelligence exchange.

Echoing this sentiment, Gerhard Maier, founder and Artistic Director of Seriencamp, emphasized the event's focus on sparking dialogue and inspiration amidst the challenges and opportunities presented by technological disruption and evolving industry dynamics.