Keshet International Signs Co-Development Deal with SandStone Global

Keshet International Signs Co-Development Deal with SandStone Global
Keshet International (KI) has announced a significant co-development partnership with the acclaimed British production company SandStone Global.

Under this agreement, both entities will collaborate on two new premium ancient history documentary series: Seven Wonders of the Ancient World and Vikings, both featuring the renowned historian and presenter Professor Bettany Hughes OBE.

In Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, Professor Bettany Hughes embarks on a journey retracing the steps of ancient tourists, exploring these marvels of human ingenuity with archaeological insights and cutting-edge storytelling. Through meticulous research and innovative technology, Bettany unveils the secrets of these wonders, creating digital reconstructions to visualize their past glory.

Meanwhile, in the 4x60’ series Vikings, Professor Bettany Hughes ventures into the world of the legendary Norse warriors. Using state-of-the-art graphics and immersive storytelling, she traces their early history, uncovering clues in locations spanning Sweden to Turkey and bringing their epic saga to life.

KI's commitment to factual programming includes recent greenlights such as Perpetual Entertainment’s Hitler’s Treasure Hunters, exploring the Nazi SS's quest for artifacts during WWII, and Woodcut Media’s Catch Me If You Can, a true crime series focusing on elusive criminals. Expect more co-commissions in the near future.

Additionally, KI's Unscripted Spring 2024 Slate boasts a diverse lineup, including Earthbound, a documentary narrated by Orlando Bloom, SAS: Catching the Criminals featuring ex-SAS leader Billy Billingham, and Arctic Wildlife in Lapland, capturing the unique beauty of Fennoscandia’s arctic landscape.