AI at MIPTV with Getty Images CEO Craig Peters

AI at MIPTV with Getty Images CEO Craig Peters
Getty Images CEO, Craig Peters, will discuss responsible AI and Getty Images approach to developing an AI tool that respects creator rights without putting users at legal risk at the MIPTV Innovation Summit: TECH & AI. Peters will outline Getty Images' journey in embracing AI technology, including their support for generative AI technology that respects intellectual property rights. He will also discuss opportunities and considerations around AI in the creative space, as well as Getty Images' partnership with NVIDIA to bring to market a creator-responsible image generation tool exclusively trained off permissioned content from their premium creative library. Peters emphasizes the importance of innovation without compromising copyright protection and looks forward to sharing insights with the television industry facing similar challenges. As a trusted partner to leading broadcasters, Getty Images has been leveraging its vast archive and research expertise to support producers in creating content, and Peters highlights the tool's commercial safety and its potential in various creative applications.