Real Time is growing and consolidates its position as 8th national channel in Italy

Real Time is growing and consolidates its position as 8th national channel in Italy
Real Time is growing and launches the Spring's Schedule during a special event in Milan with the talents and the managers of the Group Discovery Italy.

In the first quarter of the year, Real Time recorded the best start to the year since 2017, marking a 1.5% share over 24 hours (+24% compared to the same period in 2023), rising to 2.8% among women aged 15-54 (8th national channel in the target with a growth of +34%), while in prime time Real Time confirms its position as the 10th national channel with over 1.7% share (+58% compared to 2023), marking the best start to the year ever.

"The key to this success lies in the strength of content that manages to surprise and perfectly aligns with the network's identity"- confirms Laura Carafoli.

Let's see in details the shows:

House hunting series Casa a prima vista (Blu Yazmine) - averaging 700k viewers with over 3% share - will return in May with the third season, featuring the six real estate agents Mariana D'Amico, Ida Di Filippo, Gianluca Torre, Nadia Mayer, Blasco Pulieri, and Corrado Sassu.

Dating show Primo appuntamento (Stand by me), hosted by Flavio Montrucchio reaffirms his title as the 'King of Hearts' of Real Time, and after the success of the spin-off 'Hotel', he launches the 8th edition.

Cookery show Il Forno delle meraviglie (Stand by me), where master baker, Fulvio Marino, travels across Italy in searc
h of the best bakeries and ovens is set to return after the first season in May.

Reality experiment Matrimonio a prima vista Italia (Nonpanic) started last March, with a version dedicated to those who have already been married and want to embark on a new journey in search of true love, relying on the expertise of the beloved trio of experts Nada Loffredi, a sexologist, Mario Abis, a sociologist, and Andrea Favaretto, a life coach.

Factual entertainment series Cortesie per gli ospiti (Banijay Italia), celebrates its 20th edition with a new trio of judges: joining veterans Csaba dalla Zorza, an expert in the art of hospitality, and chef Roberto Valbuzzi, is the newcomer Tommaso Zorzi, who will evaluate the atmosphere of the competing homes in the new home style category.

The most popular TV hairstylist, Federico Fashion Style, returns with a new 'VIP' version where local celebrities who are clear about their look will sit on the glamorous chairs of his salon: Il Salone delle Celebrità (TTM) airs from April 6th.

On May 1st will arrive The Real Housewives of Rome (FTM Productions), narrating the more than ever exuberant daily lives of six charismatic protagonists of the city's social and cultural scene of the Italian capital. The format is based on NBCUniversal's series The Real Housewive franchise, which had already captivated audiences with its edition set in the Neapolitan upper class.

In June,  Real Time will launch a new show titled Spose in affari (Blu Yazmine) hosted by Lodovica Comello, alongside the highly anticipated return of Enzo Miccio. In each episode, three women will try to sell their wedding dresses to a group of future brides through very special auctions.

Finally, Real Time after the success of the Turkish medical series Il Dottor Alì, confirmed for its second season, will broadcast a new series Hercai – Love and Revenge, airing in prime time from April 15th. The story of young Reyyan, from a rich and powerful but secretive family, and her tumultuous love with the vengeful Mirandelle.