Inter Medya presents its lineup for MIPTV

Inter Medya presents its lineup for MIPTV
Turkish distributor Inter Medya is heading to Miptv (Cannes, April 8-10, 2024) with its team led by Can Okan, founder & CEO, Beatriz Cea Okan, VP & Head of sales and acquisition, president, Hasret Özcan, Ahmet Ziyalar COO, Pelin Koray, Senior Sales, · Sinem Alışkan Senior Sales and Communication Manager, Melissa Şimşek Sales Executive, Neşet Ersoy Sales Executive, Zeynep Balto, Sales Executive at the stand Number: R7.E53.
The program highlights includes:
Love and Pride: Follows the Köksoy family, wealthy yet sinking, considering marriage alliances for financial stability. Mercan, the eldest daughter, resists marrying Tolga despite mutual attraction. Meanwhile, the middle daughter, Gül, develops feelings for Tolga.

Deception: Judge Güzide's seemingly perfect family unravels when she discovers her husband's second family and her children's hidden secrets.

Meryem seeks her husband's killer in Istanbul, finding love with Aziz amidst family and community challenges.

Poison Ivy: Macide, a psychology graduate, falls for Kazım, a wealthy businessman, amidst challenges of his existing marriage and societal pressures.

Like There’s No Tomorrow:
Actress Manolya and journalist Hakan's interview sparks a deep connection as they share past relationship failures, exploring love, and communication challenges.

: Family dynamics shift drastically after Berna's death, revealing hidden secrets and causing conflicts between Perihan and her daughters.

The Trusted: Marashli, a former soldier, becomes Mahur's bodyguard, unraveling mysteries of her family while navigating their growing relationship.

Blue Cage:
Ali's family mourns his wife's death, disrupted by the arrival of Defne, who brings secrets and complications into their lives.

Three siblings seek revenge on a family, leading to tangled relationships and unexpected alliances, especially between Umut and Güneş.

Another Chance:
Sadi, a former bully turned teacher, faces his past when he encounters Songül and Derya while mentoring students from a reformatory.