Sky Studios and Groenlandia Forge Partnership for Someone Killed Spiderman - Accidentally Famous

 Sky Studios and Groenlandia Forge Partnership for Someone Killed Spiderman - Accidentally Famous
Someone Killed Spiderman - Accidentally Famous is the working title of a new pop series presented by  Banijay, Sky Studios and Groenlandia, inspired by the story of the Italian pop band 883. The series is written and directed by Groenlandia's Sydney Sibilia (I Can Quit Whenever I Want and Rose Island)

Set in the late 1980s in the quaint Italian town of Pavia, Someone Killed Spiderman - Accidentally Famous follows the story of teenager Max, who finds solace in comic books and American music, embracing non-conformity in a place devoid of rebellion. Skipping high school to immerse himself in punk nights and friendships, Max inevitably faces failure, leading to a life-altering opportunity when he transfers to a new school and meets Mauro. Bound by their love for music, the duo's inseparable bond leads them to explore their musical talents, culminating in the creation of their first songs produced by Claudio Cecchetto. However, as success beckons, challenges arise, testing whether Max and Mauro can withstand the pressures of fame while staying true to themselves.

Sydney Sibilia comments, "Someone Killed Spiderman - Accidentally Famous will immerse viewers in the vibrant youth culture of the 80s, blending rebellion, friendship, and the pursuit of dreams. For many, it will evoke nostalgic memories of music that shaped an era, while for others, it offers a compelling narrative of friendship's transformative power. Collaborating on my first TV series with esteemed partners like Sky Studios and Banijay Rights is an exhilarating journey."

Simon Cox, EVP Content & Acquisitions at Banijay Rights, adds, "Sydney Sibilia is renowned for his ability to infuse warmth and humor into poignant storytelling. Groenlandia's content possesses a unique charm, and with this series, audiences can anticipate a captivating journey into the colorful culture of the 1980s, cherished by viewers worldwide. Showcasing this title underscores our dedication to bringing exceptional content to audiences globally.

Led by Matteo Rovere alongside Sydney Sibilia, Groenlandia, the premium Italian scripted label, boasts a diverse slate of high-end drama, comedy, and film productions. This includes the Netflix series "Supersex," which made its international debut at Berlinale 2024, Prime Video's "No Activity" and "Antonia," a second series of "Romulus" for Sky, and "The Law According to Lidia Poet" for Netflix. Recent film projects include "El Paraiso," which premiered at the Venice Film Festival last year, as well as the critically acclaimed "Sheep Among Wolves" and "September."

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