Nippon TV and Prime Video partnership marks its first global deal with a streaming platform

Nippon TV and Prime Video partnership marks its first global deal with a streaming platform
Nippon TV has announced a groundbreaking partnership with Prime Video for the distribution of its highly anticipated survival action thriller series, ACMA:GAME ("AK-muh" Game). Set to premiere on Prime Video Japan on April 7th, immediately after Nippon TV’s Sunday primetime air slot, the series will subsequently be available for global streaming on all Prime Video platforms starting April 26th, marking Nippon TV's first global deal with a streaming service. Hulu Japan will also stream the series following its broadcast on Nippon TV.

Based on the popular manga of the same name by Meeb (Brave Bell) and illustrated by Koji Megumi (Bloody Monday), ACMA:GAME unfolds in a devil's world where players must collect 99 devil's keys to conquer the world. Those who participate are bound by the game's rules, risking their lives as they unravel the mysteries hidden within the devil's keys to survive.

Producer Naoto Fujimura highlights the series' appeal, citing its gripping psychological battles and compelling characters. ACMA:GAME has been meticulously crafted over more than a year, with input from acclaimed scriptwriter Yoshihiro Izumi and director Toya Sato, known for his work on Kaiji. The production boasts world-class visual effects from Digital Frontier, ensuring a thrilling viewing experience for audiences worldwide. Shotaro Mamiya takes on the leading role, bringing depth and talent to the series.

Takashi Kodama, Country Director of Prime Video Japan, expresses excitement about bringing ACMA:GAME to a global audience, emphasizing the quality of the production and the captivating narrative it offers. The deal was brokered by Keisuke Miyata, Head of Sales, Global Business, Nippon TV.

ACMA:Game follows the journey of a young man seeking answers surrounding his father's mysterious death, embarking on a perilous quest filled with danger and intrigue. As he delves deeper into the deadly mind game of ACMA:GAME, he confronts rivals and discovers the true stakes of the game.