Destination X on the road to success

Destination X on the road to success
Destination X has emerged as a notable contender in the adventure reality genre since its debut last Spring. 
Initially launching to success in Belgium on VTM, the show swiftly garnered attention, leading to local adaptations being announced in various countries including the UK (BBC), the US (NBC), France (M6), and Germany (Prosieben). Most recently, RTL4 in The Netherlands has joined the roster of broadcasters set to air Destination X. Meanwhile, preparations for the second season are underway in Belgium.

In just six months, the format has shown promising growth. Alongside the existing commissions from six broadcasters, discussions regarding budget allocations are ongoing in eight additional territories.

Destination X presents an ambitious adventure reality competition where ten contestants embark on an extraordinary road trip aboard the innovative Destination X Bus. However, the show's uniqueness lies in its manipulation of reality, with blackout blinds on the bus windows and constant tweaking of circumstances to challenge both contestants and viewers. Every piece of information is accompanied by a clue, urging participants and viewers to question the reliability of their perceptions. At the end of each episode, contestants must mark their perceived location, with the one farthest from the actual spot leaving the competition and forfeiting their chance at the cash prize. Only the final survivors have the opportunity to seek out the host's hidden location, communicating with them via cutting-edge technology.

Gepke Nederlof, Managing Director of Be-Entertainment, expresses enthusiasm for the rapid international growth of Destination X, citing its evolution from concept to an established brand in a short span. Gratitude is extended to international partners for their collaboration, with further deals anticipated in the near future.

Destination X is the brainchild of Geronimo, the acclaimed production team behind The Big Job Switch and Doctor Davy.