Continued Success for Be-Entertainment's Titles in Belgium

Continued Success for Be-Entertainment's Titles in Belgium
Be-Entertainment is riding high on a wave of success in Dutch-speaking Belgium as its lineup of renewed series continues to dominate the airwaves in 2024.

Leading the charge is the beloved family entertainment favorite, The Way Out, airing on VTM. The fifth season of this prime time hit has been a resounding success, pulling in an impressive average market share of 36.3% among viewers aged 18 to 44 after just four episodes.

Meanwhile, Going Once, Going Twice, the thrilling celebrity collectibles competition, launched its third season in prime time last Thursday. The debut episode soared to new heights, achieving an average market share of 26.5%, surpassing the channel's average market share by a staggering 32%.

In another development, the second season of The Big Job Switch premiered last Thursday in the second prime slot. This life-changing social experiment, where individuals resign from their jobs in search of their ideal career, captured the attention of viewers, earning a consolidated average market share of 27%, marking a remarkable 34% increase compared to the channel's average.

And let's not forget about the performance of The Musical Of Your Life on Play4, Be-Entertainment's competitor. This celebrity tribute studio entertainment show has been a ratings powerhouse, with the third series boasting an average market share of 34.2%, a staggering 185% increase compared to the channel's average.