All3Media and TBS join forces in format development partnership.

All3Media and TBS join forces in format development partnership.
All3Media International and Tokyo Broadcasting System Television, Inc. (TBS) have forged an alliance, marking their inaugural collaboration to co-create fresh entertainment formats for the global stage.

Kicking off this venture is North One Productions, a subsidiary of All3Media, renowned for hits like Fifth Gear, Gadget Show, and Travel Man: 48 Hours In…, joining forces to develop Lovers or Liars?, an innovative studio entertainment concept. In each episode, a celebrity panel endeavors to discern genuine married couples from pairs meeting for the first time that day.

The premiere of Lovers or Liars? debuts on TBS in Japan on March 23rd, with an exclusive unveiling at the upcoming MIPFORMATS, MIPTV, featuring a bespoke trailer for prospective buyers.

This collaboration unites two titans in the format creation and distribution sphere. All3Media International boasts a diverse array of formats from esteemed creators within the group, including The Traitors (IDTV), Gogglebox (Studio Lambert), Race Across the World (Studio Lambert), and Gadget Show (North One). Meanwhile, TBS boasts a portfolio featuring global sensations such as Ninja Warrior, Takeshi’s Castle, and America’s Funniest Home Videos.

Initiated by Nick Smith, EVP of Formats & Licensing at All3Media International, this partnership reflects the company’s commitment to expanding its format repertoire and representing Asian content more comprehensively. All3Media International will oversee distribution of all co-developed titles, with its APAC office in Singapore spearheading sales across Asia, excluding Japan.

Shunsuke Fukaya, Head of Format Development, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “After two years of collaborative effort, I’m thrilled to witness the fruition of this program. Our partnership, blending distinct TV cultures, has resulted in a consensus of excitement. I eagerly anticipate introducing this novel studio program, fusing Japanese and UK elements, to a global audience. Can viewers worldwide distinguish true love?”

Nick Smith, EVP of Formats, added, “I’m thrilled to introduce Lovers or Liars?, the inaugural fruit of our dynamic collaboration with TBS. Deciphering the dynamics of strangers’ relationships transcends borders, making Lovers or Liars? a universally relatable concept. I look forward to engaging the global format community and viewers in the challenge of distinguishing lovers from liars.”