The Resilience of Warm Shows: Now or Never

The Resilience of Warm Shows: Now or Never
Sometimes we overestimate novelties (or supposed novelties), both in terms of technology and content, and underestimate more traditional and apparently “humble” formats. But the truth is that even now lots of viewers still appreciate the good old “warm formats”, i.e. emotainment and other genres based on emotions and feelings (and yes, where the participants also cry a lot, and you with them...).
Maintenant ou Jamais (Now or Never: here the trailer) - produced by ButterFish and distributed by Can't StopMedia - that is going to premiere Wednesday 20 March on the French-language Belgium-based private television channel RTL tvi, belongs precisely to this group.
In every episode, ordinary people, after trying every other means, contact the production team because they’ve had a break-up with someone close to them. If the summoned person (the “guest”) accepts the anonymous invitation, they enter the “reconciliation room” (the symbol of the program), without knowing who made them come, or why. After discovering it, the protagonists will have 30 minutes to talk, convince and try to reconcile.
The host (Emilie Dupuis) intervenes remotely to avoid clashes and help to put the pieces back together. At the end of the 30 minutes, they will have to make a radical choice: to continue their story together by both selecting the “Now” door, or definitely break up leaving through the “Never” door.
This scheme, to tell the truth, is not original (I’m thinking of formats like the Italian C’è Posta Per Te - You've Got Mail - which continues to be a big hit on Mediaset, the German Look Me In the Eye, the Israeli Boxed and many others). But there is little need to be picky: it’s terribly effective.
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