Publispei headed to Séries Mania with Lady Doctors

Publispei headed to Séries Mania with Lady Doctors
Publispei attended Séries Mania (Lillle, March 18-21) with a new project Lady Doctors, a period drama based on a true story, set during the First World War up in the eastern north of Italy , at the border with the Austian -Hungarian Empire.
Lady Doctors is the story of five Italian courageous women who, despite obtaining a medical degree and being unable to work as doctors because they are women, find themselves at the beginning of the First World War, caring for the wounded and mutilated. Soldiers from both army: the Italian army and the Austrian-Ungarian army. While men fight in the trenches and on the front lines, these women offer their knowledge to help the wounded inside the Italian hospitals. Their stories and daily struggles of these women who marked the first steps toward women's emancipation are told in two opposite scenarios: the terrible war and the hospital where women care for the many wounded.
Verdiana Bixio, owner and CEO of Publispei is seeking for new and international partners for this ambitious project and says: “It’s a European story who’s worth invest in, as it talks about of female empowerment, young women who had the courage to fight for what they believe in and so they reach their goal. It’s a story of resilience and growth. Due to the story itself, we are looking for a German and Austrian co producer, who would come on board also handling the International Sales for this ambitious project.” Several locations will be in Germany and Austria, and the major part of the male characters will be for German speaking actors.
Furthermore, Publispei is promoting the hit series Flowers Over the Inferno – The Cases of Teresa Battaglia (Fiori Sopra L’Inferno – I casi di Teresa Battaglia) as the second season of the profiler drama is on its way for the edition.
As a reminder, the successful first season, which averaged 4.8 million viewers and a 25.8% share on Rai 1 primetime, will be back during Fall 2024 on Rai 1 in primetime with 6 brand new episodes. This time, the crime series starring Elena Sofia Ricci as a profiler, who finds herself in a remote mountain town in Friuli, is focused on an unsolved case based on the bestselling story of Ilaria Tuti, Sleeping Nymph - The Cases of Teresa Battaglia (Ninfa Dormiente – I casi di Teresa Battaglia)
Publispei has the scripted format’s right of the two series and the international sale is handled by the Spanish company Onza Distribution.