W9 to launch the game show The Power - created by Dreamspark and Studio 89

W9 to launch the game show The Power - created by Dreamspark and Studio 89
W9 is set to launch the innovative daily strategy game series The Power on Monday, April 1, from 19:50 to 21:00.
Created by Dreamspark and Studio 89, the show poses the pivotal question: Who holds the power? Over several weeks, 13 celebrities, known for their competitive spirit and strategic skills, will compete in an isolated house surveilled by drones. Each week, a player secretly gains control as the Power Player, influencing the lives of others. Their identity must remain hidden, as they target a contestant for elimination. With the power shifting weekly, alliances and strategies are constantly reshuffled. A cash prize for charity awaits the ultimate victor. The show will air alongside successful reality competitions "Good Luck Guys" and "The Fifty." Dreamspark's CEO highlights the show's innovation, while Studio 89 emphasizes their commitment to pushing creative boundaries in television production.
Moe Bennani, CEO of Dreamspark and Executive Producer said: “by immersing 13 celebrities in an isolated house, we're not merely starting a game; we're
embarking on a journey into the depths of strategy, control, and the human psyche, all while infusing it with a touch of fun and second-degree humor. I extend my deepest gratitude to Studio 89 and the M6 Group for embracing this audacious project".