AMR acquires the true crime series Murder By Medic

AMR acquires the true crime series Murder By Medic
Abacus Media Rights (AMR), an Amcomri Entertainment company, has acquired the gripping non-fiction true crime series Murder By Medic, produced by award-winning UK indie FirstLookTV. 

The series exposes the chilling true stories of medics who betray their oath to heal, instead using their expertise to commit murder. 
AMR will distribute the series globally, with A&E Crime and Investigation Channel retaining rights in select regions. Each episode delves into a different case, piecing together evidence and motive while featuring poignant interviews, key evidence, and insights from experts. Jonathan Ford, Managing Director at AMR, highlights the growing global interest in true crime, particularly stories set in universally recognized settings. Rachel Bowering, Creative Director and Executive Producer, expresses confidence in the series' compelling narrative, drawing parallels to their past success with "Meet Marry Murder." Lucy Middelboe, Business Director, emphasizes FirstLookTV's commitment to international programming and thanks partners for sharing their vision. "Murder By Medic" exposes the dark side of healthcare, exploring the betrayal of trust and vulnerability when those sworn to save lives choose to take them instead.