CJ ENM announces First International Remake of South Korea's Hit Show Street Woman Fighter in Vietnam

CJ ENM announces First International Remake of South Korea's Hit Show Street Woman Fighter in Vietnam
Leading entertainment company CJ ENM announced the launch of the first international remake of the popular dance survival reality show, 'Street Woman Fighter,' in Vietnam. Titled 'Nữ hoàng vũ đạo đường phố,' the Vietnamese version of the show, which will air on HTV7 this summer, marks a significant milestone as it expands the beloved format beyond South Korean borders.

CJ ENM, along with Studio Glide, which is known for it's content production expertise, and Needslab G&C, which partnered with Studio Glide, aims to recreate the success shown by 'Street Woman Fighter' in Korea.

The show, which premiered on CJ ENM’s music channel Mnet in 2021, has quickly become a cultural phenomenon, captivating audiences with the fierce competition among female dance crews vying for the title of Korea's No.1 street dance team.

'Street Woman Fighter' features eight female dance crews participating in an unprecedented dance survival show. Through intense dance battles between each other, the dancers experience not only standing in win and lose but also exprssing true respect to the opponent. Through diverse and dynamic challenges, such as "Mega Crew Mission" and "K-POP Mission," the dancers showcase their exceptional talents in a competitive environment. The show not only highlights the dancers' abilities to captivate the judges but also aims to win over global fans' hearts.

Studio Glide expressed their excitement about introducing 'Nữ hoàng vũ đạo đường phố' to Vietnam. "Vietnam is home to a wealth of dancing talent, and our goal is to unearth new stars. By utilizing the broadcast production know-how that made 'Street Woman Fighter' a hit in Korea, we are committed to creating high-quality content that connects and resonates with audiences in both Korea and Vietnam." said a spokesperson for the partnership.

Sebastian Kim, CJ ENM’s Director of International Content Sales said “CJ ENM's commitment to creating compelling content that crosses cultural boundaries is evident in this latest venture. By bringing 'Street Woman Fighter' to Vietnam, CJ ENM continues to solidify its position as a global leader in entertainment, fostering cultural exchange and showcasing the universal language of dance.”