Titan Content and The Gurin Company Forge K-Pop Partnership

Titan Content and The Gurin Company Forge K-Pop Partnership
Los Angeles-based The Gurin Company has announced a creative collaboration with Titan Content, the first US-headquartered K-pop company launched by K-Pop visionary Nikki Semin Han.

The first project to be announced under the new alliance is K-Pop Dreams (WT) which sets out to turn the world’s growing fascination with all thing’s ‘K’ into a 10-episode non-conventional talent search format aimed at making “American K-pop dreams come true”.

This first of a kind series offers a real and relatable experience in the world of K-Pop with the journey to open doors for undiscovered K-Pop talent across cities in the US.
Viewers will be granted an exclusive backstage pass, immersing them in a comprehensive journey that unfolds every aspect, from initial discovery and planning sessions to the meticulous development and shaping of a captivating K-pop spectacle. This transformative series serves as a detailed narrative, encapsulating the entirety of the process, offering unparalleled insights from discovery to the debut show of the new group, all set to take place in the US.

The partnership married and packaged through United Talent Agency (UTA), will see the two companies collaborate on this innovative show inspired by the K-Pop music and lifestyle phenomenon, which is fast becoming a mainstream cultural movement in the US. The Gurin Company will produce the series and TGC Global Entertainment (TGC GE) — Gurin’s year-old international distribution company — will also represent the finished show and format on the global market.

Phil Gurin, president and CEO of The Gurin Company and TGC GE, said: “Over the past two decades, K-pop has swept around the globe, winning hearts, minds and fans on every continent. And it’s fair to say that Nikki Semin Han has played a pivotal role in turning what started as a local cultural wave into today’s global tsunami. Nikki is genuinely a titan of K-Pop, but his vision goes far beyond nurturing new US-based music talent. He wants to spark a global K-revolution — and part of that entails creating television concepts that bridge the gap between East and West, as well as the gap between traditional technology and futuristic innovation. K-Pop Dreams is his first step towards realising his own global K-Pop dream — and we can’t wait to help him do that.”

Nikki Semin Han, Chairman of the Board at TITAN stated “This collaboration is not simply a talent search, it is about showing the audience the real K-Pop as a lifestyle, and how we work together to make the dreams of numerous future K-Pop star wannabes come true in a way never seen before. We are honored to work with The Gurin Company to make these K-Pop dreams come true.”