Nove to premiere the 5th season of Don't Forget the Lyrics

Nove to premiere the 5th season of Don't Forget the Lyrics
The fifth season of  Don't Forget the Lyrics - Stai sul pezzo is returning to Nove on March 11 at 20:25. The format is s produced by Banijay Italia for Warner Bros. Discovery and it's presented by Gabriele Corsi.

 In each episode, three contestants must choose from 6 categories (3 of these categories with hidden scores) and just like in the best karaoke, they will perform until suddenly the music stops and the lyrics disappear. The two contestants with the highest score in the first round proceed to the "duel" round, but only one of them will advance to the final climb. The winner of the episode has the honor and responsibility to participate in the next episode with two new challengers. In each episode, in addition to the prize of 5,000 euros in gold coins, the audience is also the protagonist, both in the audience and on stage, passionately singing songs from the past and current hits.