Series Mania Forum announced Francesca Orsi, EVP of HBO Programming, as the recipient of its Fourth Annual "Woman in Series Award" on International Women's Day, March 8th.

 Series Mania Forum announced Francesca Orsi, EVP of HBO Programming, as the recipient of its Fourth Annual
On this International Women's Day, Laurence Herszberg, founder and general director of Series Mania, together with Francesco Capurro, Director of Series Mania Forum, proudly announced the recipient of its Fourth Annual “Woman in Series Award,” a prestigious accolade initiated in 2021 to honor exceptional women in the audiovisual industry for their vision and leadership. This year, the award is bestowed upon Francesca Orsi, EVP of HBO Programming and Head of HBO Drama Series and Films. Ms. Orsi will receive her award on March 20 and engage in an exclusive conversation with Jane Tranter (Bad Wolf), one of the UK and worldwide's most successful television producers.

Commenting on the decision, Herszberg remarked, “Awarding Francesca Orsi with this honor for 2024 was a straightforward and fitting choice for us. Her remarkable career trajectory truly epitomizes the ethos of the ‘Woman in Series Award’: Bold, Innovative, Creative, and Visionary. Francesca's leadership is exemplary, and I am deeply honored to present her with our award this year. Her forthcoming dialogue with Jane Tranter promises to be a valuable addition to our event.”

In response, Francesca Orsi expressed her gratitude, stating, “Series Mania has long championed HBO, and I am genuinely humbled to receive their Woman in Series Award this year. Throughout my career, I've had the privilege of collaborating with immensely talented, intelligent, and creative individuals. However, this award, I wish to dedicate specifically to the remarkable women, both in front of and behind the camera, whose contributions have been the heartbeat of numerous projects on our network. Their work is the cornerstone of our storytelling, and I am indebted to their extraordinary dedication. I eagerly anticipate amplifying their voices and more in the work ahead.”

Previous recipients of the award include Christina Sulebakk, GM of HBO Max EMEA (2021); Mo Abudu, CEO of The EbonyLife Group (2022); and Nicola Shindler, Executive Producer and Chief Executive of Quay Street Productions (2023).