Real Comedy: The Funny Side of Reality

Real Comedy: The Funny Side of Reality
Presented at the last MipCom of Cannes (see FE 27th Oct), Josh Must Win (soon to E4 and to stream on Channel 4) is a reality co-produced by Primal Media (part of STV Studios) and GroupM Motion Entertainment, but with a really strong twist.

A group of strenuous participants believe they are competing in a popularity contest called “The Favourite”, hosted by the British presenter Nick Grimshaws and set in a unique environment. Among them there is Alan (Josh), who is deliberately set up as the antithesis of typical reality show contestants: shy and a bit clumsy.
What none of the contestants knows is that living next door is a group of 4 celebrities, masterminding their own game of strategy, and doing everything they can to ensure that Josh must win – without blowing their cover. They will act as ‘producers’ and will do everything they can to influence the game – by setting tasks, introducing jaw-dropping format twists, mastering the art of manipulation and using all they’ve learnt about reality shows and popularity to ensure Josh’s triumph.
But can Josh win without him or any of the players discovering the truth?
The twist is actually not so new: it’s the basis of the “classical” American fake-reality The Joe Schmo Show (2003, see FE 26th May), of which a 20th anniversary reboot was produced. However, we must say that there is a significant variation in this new version: the whole cast is unaware about what is going on. And in any case who cares: it’s funny!
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