New dramedy series Antonia on Prime Video from March 4

New dramedy series Antonia on Prime Video from March 4
Antonia is the new dramedy series starring Chiara Martegiani and Valerio Mastandrea, available exclusively on Prime Video starting Monday, March 4th. Created by Chiara Martegiani, directed by Chiara Malta, and written by Elisa Casseri, Carlotta Corradi, and Chiara Martegiani with the creative supervision of Valerio Mastandrea, Antonia is a production by Fidelio and Groenlandia (a company of the Banijay Group) in collaboration with Prime Video, in association with Rai Fiction. The cast also includes Barbara Chichiarelli, Emanuele Linfatti, Leonardo Lidi, and Chiara Caselli.

Antonia is an ironic six-episode dramedy series revolving around a young woman fleeing from pain and herself. After leaving her family barely as a teenager, Antonia found a sort of balance in Rome, an urban and emotional jungle perfect for blending in without having to provide too many explanations. But on her 33rd birthday, her defense plan fails: she quarrels with everyone, gets fired, and ends up in the hospital, where she discovers she has endometriosis, a chronic illness that, unbeknownst to Antonia, has influenced her entire life. Through a strange journey of psychotherapy, the discovery of the illness will become an opportunity to get to know herself and stop running away, beginning to confront the knots of her life.