BBC Studios Natural History Unit offers insight in the animal's world

BBC Studios Natural History Unit offers insight in the animal's world

At the annual Showcase event in London, BBC Studios has announced international pre-sales of Mammals, the brand new series from its renowned Natural History Unit. The six-part series co-produced by BBC America, ZDF, Youku and France Télévisions, has confirmed early commitment from buyers and pre-sold to China (Youku), Denmark (DR), Estonia (ERR), Japan (NHK), Norway (NRK), Spain (Movistar Plus+) and Sweden (SVT).
Mammals will also be available on the BBC Nordic channel and on the BBC Earth channel in: Asia, Canada, Croatia, Greece, Hungary, Macedonia, MENA, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain and Turkey. Viewers will also get to enjoy the series on Sony BBC Earth in India, BBC Earth SVOD in Taiwan and BBC Player in Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan.

Nick Percy, President, Global Markets, BBC Studios said: “Hot on the heels of the remarkable success of Planet Earth III, BBC Studios Natural History Unit has delivered yet another inspiring and informative series that international buyers want to be a part of. Mammals offers audiences worldwide a unique insight into the animal kingdom, capturing previously untold and unseen stories whilst delivering unmissable global event television.”

Mammals are found on every continent and in every ocean, from the coldest wildernesses to the hottest deserts, from the densest jungles to the darkest depths, this group of animals has evolved to master almost every habitat on our planet.

Full of new, never-before-seen behaviours, this major new series offers fascinating insights into the most successful animal group in the world. From the tiny Etruscan shrew to the giant blue whale, Mammals will reveal the secrets of their success, and how their winning design, incredible adaptability, unrivalled intelligence and unique sociability have all contributed to their remarkable rise.

By weight, less than 6% of today’s mammals are wild animals and many species face extinction. As well as giving BBC viewers an exciting new perspective on a remarkable group of animals, the series will also highlight many of the problems faced by mammals in today’s rapidly changing world.

Mammals was commissioned by Jack Bootle, Head of Commissioning, Specialist Factual and Sreya Biswas, Head of Natural History, BBC Commissioning. The Executive Producer is Roger Webb and the Series Producer is Scott Alexander.

Also being presented at Showcase 2024 from BBC Studios Natural History Unit and co-produced by BBC America, is the ambitious new landmark series Asia (7x60’) where vast deserts, dense jungles, polar landscapes and tropical seas are explored in a dazzling journey across Earth’s biggest continent.

Other factual titles include, The Space Shuttle that Fell to Earth (3x60’) from Mindhouse Productions for CNN and the BBC, which combines first-hand testimony with previously unseen archive to chart the in-depth story of the Columbia Space Shuttle disaster.

Titles from Specialist Factual Productions include Julius Caesar: The Making of a Dictator (3 x 60’), a landmark history series co-produced by PBS which tells the dramatic story of how nearly five centuries of ancient Roman democracy was overthrown in just 16 years. Whereas Secrets and Spies: A Nuclear Game (3x60’) co-produced by CNN in association with Arte France, explores how the hidden world of espionage influenced the most crucial and climactic years of the Cold War.

Solar System (w/t) (5 x 60’), from the BBC Studios Science Unit and co-produced by PBS takes viewers on five epic journeys through our solar system to reveal the incredible events that are happening out there, right now, as revealed by our very latest space missions.

And finally ABBA: Against the Odds (1x90) from the award-winning team behind Freddie Mercury: The Final Act, Rogan productions, explores ABBA’s musical evolution and legacy, reliving key moments through rare interviews and archive footage, highlighting their public adoration and critical scrutiny, all culminating in their ground-breaking success.