Series Mania announces the 15 projects of the Co-Pro Pitching Sessions

Series Mania announces the 15 projects of the Co-Pro Pitching Sessions
Series Mania, running from March 15-22, will feature the Co-Pro Pitching Sessions on March 19 as a key event of the Series Mania Forum from March 19-21.

Laurence Herszberg, the Founder and General Director, unveiled 15 projects selected from 413 applications across 57 countries, with notable participation from new territories like Mexico, Cameroon, Panama, and Chile. WITNESS 36, the 16th project from Berlinale's Co-Pro Series, will be presented but not compete for the grand prize.

An international jury will award the Best Project €50,000 to aid series development.

The Forum, since 2013, has been instrumental in launching series like Off Season, No Man’s Land, and Banking District. This year’s trends include an increase in South American and Asian projects, a shift towards realistic themes, and a rise in traditional thrillers and dramedies.
The international jury, led by Nina Lederman of Sony Pictures Television, comprises industry professionals from the USA, Italy, the United Kingdom, and Norway. The 15 selected projects will pitch to potential financiers for the chance to win the prestigious award.

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