CJENM series Pyramid Game invited to Series Mania

CJENM series Pyramid Game invited to Series Mania
CJ ENM  announces that its upcoming TVING original series, Pyramid Game, has received an exclusive invitation to Series Mania, solidifying its status as the sole K-Content highlight of the event. Co-produced by Film Monster and CJ ENM STUDIOS, and presented by TVING and Paramount+, Pyramid Game is among the seven Korean originals commissioned through the global partnership between Paramount+ and CJ ENM.

Set within the walls of Baekyeon Girls' High School, Pyramid Game plunges viewers into a harrowing survival scenario where students are categorized as attackers, victims, or bystanders, descending into the depths of hierarchical violence. Adapted from the popular Naver WebToon created by Dalgonyak, the series promises a riveting catharsis, introducing audiences to a new realm of school-based psychological thrillers brimming with unconventional brain battles and psychological warfare.

The official invitation of Pyramid Game to "Series Mania" adds to the mounting anticipation surrounding the title, securing its place as the lone K-Drama selected for the Special Screening section. This distinction follows the success of Duty After School, which received a similar invitation to last year's Series Mania.

Series Mania, established in 2010, stands as one of France's premier festivals and Europe's largest TV series event, drawing esteemed figures from the global entertainment industry to celebrate and showcase a diverse array of cutting-edge series. The festival is slated to take place from March 15th to 22nd in Lille, France.

In September of last year, Paramount+ unveiled its expansion of Korean originals with Pyramid Game, alongside Dongjae, the Good or the Bastard, and Dreaming of Cinde Fxxxing Rella, completing the roster of seven commissioned titles. Notably, all seven Korean titles, including Yonder, Bargain, A Bloody Lucky Day, and Queen Woo, are licensed by Paramount Global Content Distribution outside of Korea, Japan, and Taiwan.

Pyramid Game boasts a powerhouse team, with director Bak So-yeon from The Heavenly Idol and screenwriter Choi Su-i capturing the unpredictable psychology of high school girls with finesse. The involvement of director Lee Jae-Gyu, known for Intimate Stranger, All of Us Are Dead, and Daily Dose of Sunshine, further solidifies Pyramid Game as an unpredictable K-School series. The series also features rising stars Kim Ji-yeon, Jang Da-a, Ryu Da-in, Shin Seul-ki, Kang Na-eon, Jeong Ha-dam, and YULLI.A., adding to its global appeal.

Pyramid Game is scheduled for release on Thursday, February 29th, on TVING in Korea and will premiere globally on Paramount+ later this year.