KAFKA Wows Insiders at EFM 2024 Screening and Panel Discussion

KAFKA Wows Insiders at EFM 2024 Screening and Panel Discussion
During the tenth-anniversary edition of the European Film Market at the Berlinale 2024, ORF-Enterprise hosted an exclusive screening of the first two episodes of the ORF Original Series Kafka. Directed by David Schalko, this dark-humored exploration of Franz Kafka's life graced the big screen at CinemaxX Potsdamer Platz on February 20.

The Berlinale Series Market, EFM’s industry platform for serial content, maintained its status as a hub for buyers, creatives, and industry experts. Kafka stood out among the carefully selected series in the Berlinale Series Market Selects, drawing attention for its exceptional market potential, captivating narrative, and stellar cast.

The screening, attended by a discerning audience of industry professionals, provided a fascinating glimpse into Franz Kafka's unique world. Featuring Joel Basman, Liv Lisa Fries, and David Kross, the dark-humored event series offered a sneak peek into the celebrated author's life, love affairs, and friendships. A subsequent panel discussion, enriched by the presence of Christian Granderath (Head of Fiction at NDR, Germany), Klaus Lintschinger (Head of Feature at ORF, Austria), Daniel Kehlmann (author of the source books), and David Schalko (writer and director of Kafka), provided valuable insights into the creative process and the series' potential impact.

The panel delved into the series' distinctive approach to Franz Kafka's life, the collaborative efforts of broadcasters ARD and ORF, and the international appeal of Kafka. Attendees actively participated in a dynamic Q&A session, gaining firsthand insights into the creation of this highly anticipated series.