Paul Gilbert one of the most significant figure in the format's world hitted by Paramount's Layoffs

Paul Gilbert one of the most significant figure in the format's world hitted by Paramount's Layoffs
Paramount's merger is affecting 800 employees worldwide, and one of the most significant figures undoubtedly is Paul Gilbert. As Senior Vice President of International Formats at Paramount, he has been with the company for over 16 years, accumulating an incredible 40 years of experience in the TV industry.

He has contributed to major productions such as Wheel of Fortune, initially hired by Merv Griffin, and has collaborated with prominent figures like Michael King, who enlisted Paul for development and international work at King World. Later, he worked closely with another industry legend, Fred Cohen, who imparted invaluable knowledge about formats. Subsequently, Paul transitioned to Sony, where he was recruited by Andy Kaplan to lead the formats group before moving back to CBS to oversee the format division.

Paul Gilbert is unquestionably the world's foremost authority on formats, serving as a mentor to many of us who ventured into the unscripted world some 25 years ago. He has been involved in the most significant format productions, including Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy, and Lip Sync Battle. His expertise in the television market and industry is unparalleled, having navigated its complexities for decades. Moreover, he was instrumental in recognizing the potential of scripted formats as a burgeoning business, spearheading initiatives such as CBS's licensing of great American television series titles like I Love Lucy, The Good Wife, and The Affair.

Paul stands as the patriarch of formats, revered by all who have benefitted from his guidance and wisdom. I am confident that Paul will soon find another opportunity, for a personality of his caliber cannot remain sidelined unless he chooses to take a well-deserved break.