Powerhouse Duo: Nico Hofmann and Jan Mojto Unite for Future Productions.

Powerhouse Duo: Nico Hofmann and Jan Mojto Unite for Future Productions.
Nico Hofmann, the veteran leader of UFA, teams up with Jan Mojto and Beta producer Jan Wünschmann to lead the production of German and European series and films for the global stage.

Nico Hofmann and Jan Mojto's professional journey spans over half a lifetime, marked by pioneering achievements such as The Tunnel, which introduced the TV event genre to Germany in the early 2000s. Their collaborative efforts have resulted in over two dozen successful television and film productions, including major hits like Generation War, Dresden, The Tower, and The Same Sky.

As a key figure in shaping the German and European film and television landscape, producer Nico Hofmann, hailing from Heidelberg, gained worldwide acclaim through teamWorx and Beta collaborations. Notable successes include the globally sold The Tunnel (2001) and acclaimed limited series like Dresden. Serving as UFA's CEO from 2017 to 2023, Hofmann oversaw the production of series such as "Deutschland 83" and the box office hit All About Me.  A professor at the Baden-Württemberg Film Academy, Hofmann has earned numerous national and international awards.

Dr. Jan Wünschmann, serving as Executive Vice President for Co-Production and Business Affairs at Beta and Managing Director of Intaglio Films (Beta/ZDFStudios), is a driving force in the industry. His collaborations, including co-producing The Swarm with multiple Emmy® winner Frank Doelger, showcase his commitment to excellence. The latest Intaglio production, the AI thriller Concordia, is currently in post-production, adding to the impressive legacy of this dynamic partnership.