Arte Secures Award-Winning Comedy Series "Bloody Murray" from yes Studios

Arte Secures Award-Winning Comedy Series
"Bloody Murray" has found a new home with Arte following the latest collaboration between the broadcaster and yes Studios. In this exciting deal, the 9-episode, 25-minute series will be relaunched as "Dana & Murray" on, debuting later this week on February 9th.

The brilliant comedy from yes Studios revolves around the dynamic relationship between best friends and roommates, Murray and Dana, as they navigate the challenges of single life in their thirties. Dana, a gynecologist, and Murray, a film lecturer specializing in romantic comedies, experience a significant shift in their lives when Murray, fleeing the scene of a hit and run, inadvertently introduces Lior, the man she collided with, to Dana. Surprisingly, Dana and Lior quickly fall deeply in love. However, Murray discovers her own feelings for Lior, leading to a humorous and complex love triangle.
Lonely and influenced by her work and the romantic comedy tropes she knows so well, Murray convinces herself that Lior is destined for her. After all, in the world of romantic comedies, love stories rarely begin with love at first sight.

Previously sold to CBC in Canada, "Bloody Murray" is set for a second season, following a recommission by yes TV. The series, created and written by Stav Idisis, was produced by yes TV and Kastina. Get ready for the laughter and love as "Dana & Murray" premieres on, continuing the success of this acclaimed comedy series.