Former Mediaset España Miguel Vila Named Creative Director at ITV Studios Iberia

Former Mediaset España Miguel Vila Named Creative Director at ITV Studios Iberia
Miguel Vila, formerly of Mediaset España where he was Deputy of Format development until 2015 and then Head of Formats and new developments for almost 10 years, has been appointed Creative Director of the Non-Scripted Division at ITV Studios Iberia.
In this role, Vila will oversee the production of popular shows such as "The Voice" ("La Voz"), "The Voice Kids" ("La Voz Kids"), and "The Chase" ("El Cazador"), with the 14th season of the latter currently in production for TVE.

Nathalie Garcia, Managing Director of ITV Studios Iberia, enthusiastically announced Vila's appointment, emphasizing his wealth of experience in format development and his tenure at Mediaset España. Vila's responsibilities extend beyond production oversight to include the cultivation of new format ideas and concepts. Reporting directly to Garcia, Vila will collaborate closely with the Content Director and Production Director, once hired, to optimize content performance through data-driven strategies and research initiatives.

Vila's transition to ITV Studios Iberia marks a significant milestone in his career, as he looks forward to collaborating with a dynamic team led by Nathalie García, whom he regards as one of Spain's foremost television executives. García expressed her excitement about welcoming Vila to the ITV Studios family, praising his creativity and dedication to innovative entertainment.

In response, Vila expressed his enthusiasm for the new role, highlighting the opportunity to contribute to the development of non-scripted programming while working alongside García and the talented team at ITV Studios. He emphasized his eagerness to embark on this new chapter in his television career, citing the potential for creativity and growth within the ITV Studios environment.