Rai Remember the Holocaust with Tales of the March

Rai Remember the Holocaust with Tales of the March
To remember the anniversary of the Holocaust, Rai Cinema presents a multiplatform educational project on the "Death Marches," the final act of the Holocaust that saw nearly a million prisoners forced to leave concentration camps in the harsh winter between 1944 and 1945.

From January 26, within the Rai Cinema metaverse, on the entertainment platform providing innovative virtual reality experiences, The Nemesis, it will be possible to undergo an immersive experience with the preview screening of the short film Tales of the March by Stefano Casertano, produced by Daring House in association with Studio Deussen and in collaboration with Rai Cinema. The immersive experience extends beyond the short film, encompassing a virtual exhibition enriched with historical documents, period photographs, and interviews, thereby providing an in-depth look into this tragic chapter of history.

In the winter between 1944 and 1945, the SS forced almost a million prisoners to leave concentration camps and march towards central Germany, without food or shelter from the cold. This is the final act of the Holocaust, known as the "Death Marches." The immersive experience "Tales of the March" reconstructs, for the first time in fiction, one of these marches based on the accounts of survivors.

The short film "Tales of the March" will be available from January 27 in its linear version on RaiPlay, while the virtual reality version will be accessible on Rai Cinema Channel VR app. Additionally, it will be possible to experience the film in the VR Room at the National Cinema Museum in Turin, created in collaboration with Rai Cinema.