Full Speed was the most-watched series on HOT (Israel)

Full Speed was the most-watched series on HOT (Israel)
Full Speed a thrilling 24-part youth series by United King Films and Light Stream, distributed through Ananey Paramount Studios, emerged as the standout 2023 launch on Teen Nick Israel (via HOT). The action-drama, shot in Israel, Italy, and Greece, immerses viewers in the adrenaline-fueled world of teen motorcycle racing. Teams from Italy, France, England, and Israel vie for the European championship.

Full Speed weaves a cross-border teen love story, fueling intense team rivalries and investigating a mysterious accident throughout the season. The multilingual dynamic narrative resonated with audiences, leading to a remarkable 10% increase in daily viewership and a staggering 41% spike during weekend re-runs. It was 2023's most-watched kids & youth series on HOT's platform and outperformed other Teen Nick shows during its launch week.

The series debuted in November 2023, concluding its season in December. Full Speed, created by Koby Machat & Micki Rabinovitch, produced by United King Films and Light Stream, and distributed by Ananey Paramount Studios, not only raises the bar for inclusive storytelling but also reshapes the youth entertainment landscape, showcasing the impact of diverse narratives and cross-cultural collaboration."