Sky Documentaries to premiere the series Fuorilegge

Sky Documentaries to premiere the series Fuorilegge
Sky Documentaries will premiere a new original series titled Fuorilegge, Veneto a mano armata on Saturday, January 13 in 3 episodes.

The docu-series (a Sky Original) is produced by Padova Stories (Enrico Lando and Alessandro Pittoni), written by Sebastiano Facco and Marta Pasqualini, and tells the social and political tensions of the 90s, when the italian region of Veneto was dealing with the criminal band of Felice Maniero, defined as "the power band of the North-East".
Through a new and original point of view, the docuseries follows the story of the lawyer Enrico Vandelli, born in 1950, who grew up in Padua during the industrial economic boom. Since he was a boy, Vandelli has been fascinated by the more "red" political fringe of the area and at the age of twenty he joined the committee of Radio Sherwood, an independent local radio close to the Autonomia Operaia political movement. The first major trial that led Vandelli to practice his profession was the so-called "April 7 trial", held in Rome and Padua. Vandelli, a young trainee lawyer who has not yet passed the state exam, finds himself taking the side of that political activism, defending a total of 54 self-employed people during 118 hearings and leading them to the final sentence of 31 January 1986, which closes an era and the ideals of a generation, revolutionizing the legal culture of the time.