Singapore: Two Words with Ari Arijitsatien, Co-CEO, True CJ Creations Co. Ltd.

Singapore: Two Words with Ari Arijitsatien, Co-CEO, True CJ Creations Co. Ltd.
Two Words with Ari Arijitsatien, Co-CEO, True CJ Creations Co. Ltd., that we met during ATF in Singapore last December

What are the hottest titles you are pushing?
Ari Arijitsatien :True CJ is a JV studio of True Visions and CJ ENM. We produced both non-scripted and scripted format of CJ ENM. Our key partners to distribute our content are True ID, True Visions and Netflix for Thailand and worldwide. Our content library are 14 unscripted programs or 12,500+ minutes, 12 scripted titles or 15,000+ minutes in 2023. The fresh new line-up in next year are 8 scripted titles or 8,700+ minutes which mainly adapted from Korean format. Our key highlight of the content are “Start-up” target to premier on 12 Dec 2024, and one of the most adaptation format version in American, Japanese, and Chinese - “Good Doctor” which target premier in the same year.

Hidden Gem - Our first original docuseries, telling six stories of Thailand’s famous street food owners. It’s premier on AFN, under Warner Brothers Discovery Asia on 14 Dec 2023 at 8 P.M. BKK time. It’s our first factual and partnership with Warner Brother. The format was co-produced with RYOII Film, a film production house and owner of “” - the leading food review website in Thailand. Total 6 episode/45 minutes each, available in Thai language. The series has strong travelling ability, proven from upcoming platforms confirmation thru out Asia, Europe and Africa regions : SBS Australia, Thema SAS for Ethiopia, and njam! for Belgium and Netherland.

What are the hottest trends in Asia? 
Ari Arijitsatien: in Thailand, the media spending is still growing even half growing than expected. Surprisingly TV media spending sustain their share, yet been taken over by digital media as forecasting many year ago. News and dramas are key driving rating for TV and digital platforms. But the audience behavior shifted to VDO on-demand, so the local dramas accelerate the viewership for both local and global streaming.

Do you sell to the western part of the world?
 Ari Arijitsatien: yes, we do. As first question mentioned earlier, did we sell formats (scripted or unscripted) or just ready-made? 

What are the strategies at your sales's division?
Ari Arijitsatien: we are focusing to sell ready-make in the past. This year, we just start something new. Our first batch of original scripted, and unfinished IP was introduced recently at ATF 2023. Most of them based on True CJ’s leadership genres - “Crime-Thriller-Suspense” with a proper mix of horror, comedy and dramatic. Also for the factual format like “Hidden Gem”, we also develop for co-production with many local producers to develop their home countries version as well. We believed that this format is a reflection of each countries and people’ culture, and value thru their signature menu and life. This concept could be a good branding of their countries and stimulate hunger and eager to taste by themselves.

Do you see any international trends?

Ari Arijitsatien: content investment keep growing as the digital streaming needs content and need more exclusivity, while the TV both free TV and pay TV is undeniable to pursue their content pipeline. However, the budget per title might be less from the flat growth in TV ad spending. That’s why this coming year, we might see more international co-production for reduce risk of individual content investment in a single market and also create wider viewership thru out partnership territories.