New Rai's animated series Pipo, Pepa e Pop to introduce children to economy and finance

New Rai's animated series Pipo, Pepa e Pop to introduce children to economy and finance
A fresh and original innovation in the landscape of children’s animation. “Pipo, Pepa & Pop”, a funny 2D animated series aiming at introducing children aged 5 and up to economics and finance to, is being launched by RAI, the Italian public broadcaster, on its TV channel RAI YOYO (the leading children channel in Italy) and on its free VOD platform RAI PLAY.

Starring two siblings, one dog and a Scottish elf, that recalls the spirit of Adam Smith, “Pipo, Pepa & Pop” will be aired on Rai’s TV channel every day in the morning and also in the afternoon during weekends (starting December 2nd).

This big challenge has been taken on by sisters Fiorella and Maria Elena Congedo together with RAI KIDS, supported by the scientific advice of the charity FLIC, the Financial Literacy and Inclusion Campaign established by the Financial Times, and supported by the contribution of the Apulia Film Fund and Regione Puglia.

In each 7-minute episode, in a combination of comedy, gags, music, adventure and quizzes, the young viewers will discover the two siblings Pipo and Pepa, accompanied by their dog Pop, overcoming emotional problems typical of children their age, managing everyday life situations of financial-economic nature, and interacting with Adam, a Scottish elf – a character inspired by the father of modern economics, Adam Smith – who lives in a magic moneybox equipped like a British castle, in the company of his butler Nessie, the Loch Ness monster.

So... when should you buy a new pair of football boots? How do the magic “ATM” card and “money-spitting” machine work? Why are duplicate stickers in an album still valuable? How do you choose a new backpack?

Pipo, Pepa and Pop will discover the answers to these questions together with Adam, who’s ready to play the bagpipes for every wrong answer the two siblings give and to do a dance of joy, instead, for every correct solution.

A theme that has always been considered “for adults” is addressed to children, thanks to a dedicated language and colorful and surprising animation.

The graphics “play” with numbers and symbols: numbers from 1 to 9 have been used to build the characters, the stock market graphs become the city skyline, percent signs flutter in the skies turning into butterflies, the different currencies become blooms of colorful flowers.

In every episode one themed concept has been developed, diluted within a familiar situation and offered up again in a simple and fun way.

Thus, Pipo, older, full of energy and enthusiastic about everything, but not very attentive to expenses and with his moneybox always empty... Pepa, although younger, more focused than her brother and determined to become a successful businesswoman... Pop, loyal playmate... Adam, precious and exuberant advisor, and Nessie, faithful and composed butler, will, over the course of the series, experience many adventures typical of the contemporary world and today’s children, but with a special approach: a delicate outline of the major economics and finance topics, such as savings, the importance of work, the choice of an investment, expense planning, the circular economy and much more, always relying on two principles: solidarity and teamwork.

In short, this is a series that sets itself a “high” goal: to bring young users, episode by episode, season by season, to grow as little “economists”, but above all as sensitive human beings who are attentive to others, resources and the planet. The first season is made of 26 episodes all available.