Keshet is preparing a pack of selected audiovisual “This is War” after the last attack in Israel

Keshet is preparing a pack of selected audiovisual “This is War” after the last attack in Israel
Keshet International today announced that it is creating a package of news and current affairs reports produced by Israel’s leading investigative and current affairs program Uvda following the October 7th attacks in Israel for international distribution.

Collectively entitled Inside Israel: This is War, the initial selection of seven films is being created in response to requests from KI’s clients for in-depth, locally-produced news reports covering the October 7th massacres and kidnappings in Israel by Hamas, and the resulting Israel—Hamas war.

Produced for Israel’s most-watched television channel Keshet 12, Uvda is the country’s longest-running and highest-rating long-form news magazine show. Featuring in-depth documentary films, profile interviews, and investigative reports on both domestic and international matters since 1993 with Ilana Dayan at its helm, Uvda is recognized at home and abroad for its ability to present complex issues in a balanced and clear way, winning every Israeli journalistic broadcast award year-on-year and some international ones too (International Emmy ® News Award Winner 2000: Kapo, Best Documentary; International Emmy ® News Award Nominee 2023: Last Stop Before Kyiv, Current Affairs).

Kelly Wright, KI’s MD of Distribution, says, “We have hand-picked this package of films with our colleagues at Keshet 12 and Uvda, following requests from our clients for in-depth reporting from inside Israel on the horrifying events of October 7th. Produced by Uvda’s internationally recognized team of award-winning filmmakers, these reports offer a different perspective from foreign news coverage – one more focused on the individuals affected by these devastating attacks, and their personal stories of bravery, resilience, and trauma. We hope these films will give international viewers a greater understanding of the devastating impact of October 7th attacks on the people of Israel.”

Varying in length from 20 to 30 minutes, KI’s Inside Israel: This is War package includes filmmaker Itai Anghel’s [INTL EMMY] 1x20’ report Kibbutz Nir Oz which was filmed a week after Hamas’ horrific attack on Israel’s south-west. Here, Itai visits one of the communities hit hardest, where 25% of Kibbutz Nir Oz’s residents were kidnapped or murdered by Hamas. With the help of the kibbutz’s CCTV and victims’ testimonials, Itai gives viewers a first-hand view of what happened on that Saturday morning on October 7th.

In another 1x22’ film entitled Orthodox Ambulance, an ambulance team of three observant Jews who responded immediately to the first rocket alarms on that fateful Saturday (Sabbath), saving a multitude of lives. Unable to turn on their radio for religious reasons - so with no forewarning of what they were heading into - they repeatedly put themselves in extreme risk while encountering heavy gunfire, rescuing the injured and recovering the dead on what became the longest shift of their lives.

How Nir Am was Saved (1x30’) sees investigative reporter Ben Shani travel back to Kibbutz Nir Am, a pleasant farming community turned into a warzone on the morning of October 7th. Accompanied by security coordinator Inbal Lieberman, they together recreate the terrifying events that saw Inbal and her team hold off Hamas terrorists for hours. As a direct result of their bravery and valiant efforts, not one member of Kibbutz Nir Am was kidnapped or murdered that day.

With full details and screeners available on KI’s website now, all seven Inside Israel: This is War films are available immediately as a package or as individual shorts as part of the global distributor’s Fall 2023 slate. As Uvda continues to report on the Israel-Hamas war, KI, Keshet 12 and N12 intend to add more internationally relevant reports to this package. Other Uvda-produced films available for international distribution include Itai Anghel’s International Emmy ® News Award-nominated film Last Stop Before Kyiv.