Rich offer of conferences and networking from the upcoming Nem Zagreb

Rich offer of conferences and networking from the upcoming Nem Zagreb
NEM Zagreb 2023, an event focused on TV series and film creation, expanded its agenda with new elements and various opportunities for audiovisual experts from the CEE. Besides education, networking and project promotion, one of the most important goals of the event is to honor outstanding content from the CEE through various opportunities.

NEM Contest will honor the best screenwriting ideas for a series or a film in development and provide the opportunity to potentially fund the project, find the right coproduction partners, distribute the project and take it to the next level. The contest serves as a platform for connecting creators with experienced experts and decision-makers from the world of production and TV content creation. Jury members will give feedback to each applied project which gives a great opportunity for knowledge improvement and valuable exposure. Some of the jury members are:
• Alexandra Gabrižová, Program Coordinator, MIDPOINT Institute´s Series Program
• Emmanuel Eckert, Deputy Acquisitions Director, Mediawan
• Lenka Szántóm Creative Producer, TV Nova/VOYO, Czech Republic
• Filip Bobiňski, Producer, Show-runner, CEO Dramedy Productions
• Wiktor Piątkowski, Writer, Producer and Showrunner, BAHAMA FILMS
The full list of jury members is available here: NEM Contest jury members
The top 3 finalists from each category will also have the opportunity to join script surgery workshop and receive an in-depth analysis of their script.
Projects were submitted in four categories:
1. Scripted series in all genres: drama, thriller, crime, fantasy, SF, comedy etc.
2. Scripted feature-length film (primarily for a streaming audience) in all genres: drama, thriller, romance, crime, fantasy, SF, comedy etc.
3. Documentary (non-scripted series)/Feature-length documentary film
4. Non-scripted entertainment format
For now, more than 200 projects have been submitted to NEM Contest.

NEM Awards is a competition for the best TV series from the CEE, publicly broadcasted during the last year. The goal of NEM Awards is to bolster the global presence of exceptional TV series produced within the CEE. Some of the competitors for this year’s NEM Awards are BH Telecom, Czech Television, DANSU, Dramedy Productions, Drugi plan/Croatian Radio Television (HRT), Radio Television of Serbia (RTS), RTV Slovenija, Telekom Srbija, Polish Television (TVP).
The NEM Awards jury is constituted of top professionals in the AV industry from countries outside of the CEE. Some of the jury members are:
• Morad Koufane, Deputy Director of International Series (Co-productions and Acquisitions), France Télévisions
• Marc B. Lorber, Executive Producer, The Art of Coproduction
• Nigel McCrery, screenwriter
• Tom Coan, Executive Producer, Universal International Studios
The full list of jury members is available here: NEM Awards jury members. The submissions will be rated through five categories: Idea, Monetization, Cast, Screenplay and Audiovisual presentation.

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