A Double-Faced Market

A Double-Faced Market
This just ended MipCom edition has definitively been a double-faced market. On one hand the numbers are really positive: over 11,000 delegates from 100 countries attended during the week, with an increase from last year’s 10,800. The total includes a rise in buyers with over 3500 attending in 2023, with an increase of 10% year on year. Over 320 companies exhibited in and around the Palais des Festivals, including 31 country pavilions, whilst 50 companies made their debut with stands at this year’s mark. Even the splendor seemed the one of the “golden ages”, with big, rich exhibitors’ booths, full of drinks, food and people.
But on the other hand, a shadow was hovering: the crisis of the commissioners (the main link in the production chain), or at least most of them. It’s easily understandable, with all these recent acquisitions, mergers, losses and the general change of the global media landscape. And of course this is reflected on a stasis in all the aspects of the market and the overall business.
This surely is a period of transition, with classic models still being strong, but looking a bit out-of-date, and new approaches that are coming, but that are still confused and unclear. As in all transition periods there’s a new balance waiting around the corner and actually there has never been so much demand for audiovisual contents as now, in all forms and for all platforms. So, let’s hold on, considering that that one of the key-successes of the format and unscripted in general has always been its ability to adapt to change, of both media and society.

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