Two of CJ ENM's remake titles win Gold and Bronze at ContentAsia Awards

Two of CJ ENM's remake titles win Gold and Bronze at ContentAsia Awards
Two of CJ ENM's remake titles ‘Signal’ and ‘Flower of Evil’ win Best TV Format Adaptations at ContentAsia Awards. In a resounding victory for leading entertainment company CJ ENM, their outstanding remake titles have claimed top honors at the prestigious ContentAsia Awards. The event, celebrated as a pinnacle of recognition in the realm of Asia’s content, witnessed Thai adaptation of the beloved drama 'Signal,' titled '23:23 สัญญา สัญญาณ,' securing the coveted Gold award in fiercely contested category of Best TV Format Adaptations. Simultaneously, the Philippines' rendition of the immensely popular drama 'Flower of Evil' clinched the Bronze at the same category.

‘23:23 สัญญา สัญญาณ’, produced by True CJ Creations and launched on TrueID, swiftly ascended to the top of the charts, claiming the first position among the Top 10 Series on TrueID. The original CJ ENM title, produced by Studio Dragon, 'Signal’, a crime drama that first aired in 2016 in Korea, laid the foundation for this compelling narrative. The story revolves around Hae-young, a professional criminal profiler who stumbles upon a mysterious old walkie-talkie, enabling him to communicate with a detective from the past, Jae-han. Together, they use this unconventional connection to unearth clues and rescue long-suffering victims.

The Thailand remake ‘‘23:23’ is directed by Karn Sivaroj Kongsakul, and starrs actors Krit Shahkrit Yamnam, Pancake Khemanit Jamikorn, and Nonkul Chanon Santinatornkul. This fantasy investigation series mirrors the original format as investigators from two different eras collaborate to unravel the truth behind unsolved cases, their only lifeline being an old radio that connects them at the eerie time of 23:23. The Thai adaptation masterfully retained the essence of the original while skillfully incorporating cultural nuances, distinguishing it as a standout winner at the ContentAsia Awards. The Gold accolade reaffirms CJ ENM's unwavering commitment to delivering top-notch content tailored to a diverse global audience.

True CJ Creations’ co-CEO, Ari Arijitsatien, said that “We are so happy that apart from the successful performance of ‘23:23’ in the beginning of this year in both most viewership and users on True ID, Thailand leading OTT service,we are also honored to receive ‘Best TV Format Adaptation (Scripted) in Asia’ Award from Content Asia this year. We, as a JV production under True and CJ ENM, are so proud of being one proof how strong formats CJ ENM are”.

On the other hand, the Philippines' adaptation of CJ ENM's hit drama 'Flower of Evil' was produced by ABS-CBN, in partnership with Viu. The show premiered on Viu on June 23rd, 2022, and subsequently aired on Philippine platforms such as Kapamilya Channel and A2Z, swiftly claiming its place as one of the top-rated shows on Viu in the Philippines during its 32 episode run. Deo Endrinal, head of Dreamscape Entertainment, commented “With gratitude to the Content Asia jury, we are deeply honored by this recognition of the Filipino adaptation of Flower of Evil. Thank you CJ ENM for entrusting this format to ABS-CBN & VIU”.

The original version of 'Flower of Evil', broadcast in 2020, features a stellar cast including Lee Jun-gi, Mun Chae-won, Seo Hyun-woo, and Jang Hee-jin, and is also produced by Studio Dragon. This thrilling romance drama revolves around Ji-won, a detective wife who becomes suspicious of her husband, Hee-sung, as a potential murderer. Hee-sung, however, conceals a dark secret, being a psychopath who is not the loving, calm husband Ji-won believes him to be. Similarly, the Philippines' adaptation of 'Flower of Evil' portrays the upheaval of a content family life when a police detective discovers her husband's hidden identity. Her investigation into a murder case linked to the man she loves unveils a staggering revelation, captivating local audiences with its production quality, stellar acting, and gripping storyline.

Diane Min, Head of Format Sales at CJ ENM expressed her enthusiasm regarding these prestigious awards, stating, "It is exhilarating to be recognized and affirmed that CJ ENM's format remains stronger than ever, with numerous global remake titles finding success across various regions with local audiences. CJ ENM has long been a pioneer in cultivating global demand for Korean formats, and we have witnessed numerous successful adaptations, making it one of our specialties. I am confident that there will be even more triumphs on the global stage with CJ ENM's well-made titles."

CJ ENM's consistent success in the realm of scripted and non-scripted format adaptations underscores their dedication to crafting captivating stories that transcend linguistic and cultural boundaries.