A Hot Summer is welcoming the TV Industry

A Hot Summer is welcoming the TV Industry
The return from our summer holidays coincides with the arrival of a "hot Autumn" as the first week of September sees the reunion of the French Producers in Biarritz with the UniFrance Rendez-Vous (September 3-7), followed the third edition of Heart of Europe International TV Festival. An event organized in Poland (Warsaw, September 25-28) by the public television, Polish Television, and dedicated to CEE regions. And of course, we can't forget the glamorous ten days of the Venice Film Festival (August 30-September 9) that this year sees the participation of 6 Italian directors, probably due to the Hollywood strikes that its affecting the movie's market.
October starts instead with the "Dolce vita's week in Rome" with MIA (October 9-13) and ends to France, with the inadmissible week in Cannes as MIPJunior (14-15 October) and MIPCOM (October 16-19) are two of the most important events of the year for the TV Industry.
After the terrible year of the pandemic, people want to meet again in person and every month there is one or more markets of festival to attend for the operators.

Although the enormous cost of the travelling, TV professionals are really interested in doing business,and the possibility of networking "live" and forging personal relationships with one's creative and commercial partners remains firmly in first place among the advantages. In fact, despite the undoubted advantages offered by digital, face-to-face interaction is still irreplaceable. Marketplaces provide an environment in which professionals can build new relationships, and also the possibility of being able to join seminars and training courses is becoming an integral part of the value of a live market.