The second edition of IPXChange to be held in Cologne on September 18/19

The second edition of IPXChange to be held in Cologne on September 18/19
For the second time, TV producers will gather at the MMC Studios in Cologne on September 18/19, 2023, for the international Independent Producers' Exchange or IPXCHANGE, an industry event for format trading, networking, knowledge transfer and information.
At the two-day event, format distributors from the UK, USA, Ukraine, Asia, and Turkey will meet TV producers from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. The aim of the event is to create a platform for knowledge exchange, international deals, and cooperation, especially for small and medium-sized production companies in the TV

IPXCHANGE also gives independent producers the chance to view and buy new TV formats before MIPCOM (Oct 16-19).
The event is organized by TV producer Wolfgang Link and TV marketing expert Sandra Lehner: "as participants in the global market, small and medium-sized companies in particular need to pool their strengths and interests and find intersections for cooperation. We want to create a basis for this - out of a passion for TV."

In addition to the presentation of unscripted TV formats (including gameshows, documentary, factual, reality, comedy), there will again be contributions from industry experts, including:
• Danny Fenton from the renowned and award-winning UK indie Zig Zag Productions will present his experiences on successful format development in his talk "The Science of Formats".
• Justin Scroggie, the British format doctor and consultant, who has (co-)developed and supervised Chef in Your Ear, Sing my Song and Doctors vs. Internet, among others, will report in an interview on his worldwide work - also with German productions - and reveal how it is possible to launch marketable format titles from Germany as well.

Wolfgang Link is very happy with this second edition as: "the reactions to the premiere of IPXCHANGE in March 2023 were extremely positive and encouraging. There were business deals, co-developments, and cross-national cooperation. The participants themselves proved that the idea of IPXCHANGE works and fits the times. So there is no question that we will continue to build on its success.”
Sandra Lehner confirmed: "the current developments and structures of global TV markets make it even more crucial for small and medium-sized companies to network and support each other internationally. Knowledge transfer and co-productions enable decisive competitive advantages."

IPXCHANGE is sponsored by MMC Studios Köln GmbH as well as and GATZKE.MEDIA.