NATPE Budapest kicked off

NATPE Budapest kicked off
NATPE Budapest kicked off on Monday, June 19 at the InterContinental Hotel with two conferences and the market in the first floor as usual.
The market opened at 11 a.m. with 100 distribution companies exhibiting including the Unifrance and Spanish pavilions. Some distributors are organizing meeting inside the hotel suites and over 400 regional buyers are confirmed.
On the first day, A+E Media Group hosted its content showcase at the hotel with its lineup of documentaries about history and crime. The group also presented two entertainment formats: the reality adventure Alone (250 episodes already produced) and family unscripted Top Dog Academy.
CEO CEE group Georgi R.Chakarov hosted a panel about the TV landscape in the Eastern Europe Regions. 
He confirmed that many titles are reboot of scripted series especially from Turkey.
He presented some hit series like The Golden Swan that became the first period drama in the history to TV Nova and also is on of the biggest hit in the Czech Republic, reaching close to 30% share in the commercial demo. The story was also adapted by Markiza in Slovakia for the new series Danube, At your Service and became a leader in its prime time slot.
On the unscripted side, ITV game show Beat the Chasers has been of the mainstay shows in the schedule of HTV1 for nearly ten years now - he said - the brand reached ne heights with the launch of Beat the Chasers which crashed the competition in the Sunday prime time and became the highest rated entertainment show in Croatia.