Nem 2023 was a success

Nem 2023 was a success
On the third day of NEM Dubrovnik 2023 there were again many networking opportunities: six panel sessions, two presentations as well as three keynote sessions.

Monty Sarhan, Chief Executive Officer, SkyShowtime
said: “MVPDs are hugely important in the CEE region, and the growth of linear TV is evidence of that. Europe is not a monolith, there is richness and diversity and it’s a very valuable ecosystem. In Northern Europe the number of SVOD subscriptions per household is approaching three, while here in CEE it’s less than two. It is a huge addressable market with lots of headroom and opportunity. It requires a bespoke strategy to tackle the opportunities that exist in each of these markets. These countries are in very different places in terms of their voyage and the streaming future.”

Dušan Švalek, Deputy CEO, CME
, highlighted the importance of local content:
“We believe that the VOD business will be about local content and providing an alternative to all global streaming brands. We believe this is about local people and we do that everywhere we are. The closest was Slovenia, but we are also expanding that business into Croatia. When it comes to creator economy in Croatia, I believe it’s in the interest of the country to make sure that the creator economy grows. This is one of the advantages that every country should have – a strong creator economy inside its national realm.”

Beta Film 
Moritz von Kruedener, Managing Director, Beta Film was also one of the keynote speakers sharing insights from the most impressive content like Atlantic Crossing, The silence, Golden boy, Gomorrah, Sisi, Perfect Life, Hotel Portofino and The Swarm. “We don’t want just to come to the region and make money and get back home, we want to invest in the region, we want to have partner in the territories and produce local content. We are very open to different kind of partnership”, he said. Regarding the coproduction model, von Kruedener stated “as early as we can is better for us when we get involved in coproduction.” The executive refered to the epic drama series Rise of the Raven ambitium production. “ It’s a high level budget production with ORF is coproducer,” he said. Produced by acclaimed Robert Lantos (Crimes of the Future), shooting for the multimillion Euro series is underway near Budapest with more than 600 actors and stunt people in front of the camera. The series stars Hungarian discovery Gellért L. Kádár as Janos Hunyadi, the army commander who defeated the vast Ottoman troops in the Battle of Belgrade in 1456. He is also for whom the noon bells toll at churches across the world to this day. Opposite Kádár is Hungarian TV, film, and stage star Vivien Rujder as Hunyadi’s life partner Elizabeth Szilagyi. The ten-hour epic series, a panoramic celebration of medieval times, is financed by the National Film Institute of Hungary and Beta. It is produced by Serendipity Point Films, Twin Media, HG Media, MR Film, and Beta. Coproducers are Hungary’s TV2 Network, who will broadcast the in Hungary and Slovenia, and co-producer ORF, who will broadcast in Austria. Von Kruedener also talked about the second season of emotional drama The Silence shot in Ukraine. “It’s a collaboration between ZDF and France TV and it’s about a therapist that help people who is living in a car”, he said.

The Walt Disney Company raised special attention and presented the rebranding of their channels - FOX becomes STAR at A Brilliant Change Event at Lazareti at Dubrovnik Old City.

BBC Studios
BBC Studios showcased their upcoming content available for CEE, including a screening of the anticipated premiere from BBC Earth: Spy in the Ocean.. The panel was presented by Zbigniew Pruski, Commercial Director, Branded Service BBC Studios and journalist Kasia Madera. During the showcase, was revealed that hit unscripted format Dancing with the Stars reached 61 countries, cooking show Bake Off 40 adaptations and quiz show The Weakest Link was adapted in 50 countries so far, while Top Gear reached 10 local adaptation. 

Telekom Srbija has presented a new thriller drama Cicatriz (Scar), based on the novel written by Juan Gómez-Jurado’s,  which is being lead and produced by the Spanish production company, Plano a Plano jointly with the Mexican Dopamine, is the latest to be packaged by Asacha Media Group, the pan European production studio. In the talent side, the creators of the adaptation are Pablo Roa and Fernando Sancristóbal, writers of Netflix’s international smash hit drama, LA CASA DE PAPEL (also known as MONEY HEIST) and Verónica Marzá (TOY BOY, DIABLERO), the eight-part drama is set to go into production at the end of the year filming in Spain and Serbia.